A Good Technology Insurance Company Can Help Offset Tech Problems

While Executives

Corporations nowadays cannot do without the information technology that allows them to streamline and improve their work, which is why it is important to have as many securities as possible to ensure that nothing terrible overwhelms business. An article in the Business Insurance website dated October 28, 2014, however, discloses that while many executives are […]

Comprehensive Technology Insurance: A Must for All U.S. Businesses

General Liability

In recent news, a data breach affecting P.F. Chang’s was discovered last summer, affecting 33 branches nationwide. In an attempt to defray the cost of recovering and re-securing data, the popular restaurant chain has attempted to file a claim with Travelers Insurance using their general liability insurance policy. According to a report from, this […]

A Capable Technology Insurance Company Provides Liability Coverage


Tech firms, even the most modest of startups, need to be prepared for negligent claims made against them by dissatisfied customers. Indeed, companies will need professional liability insurance should they come under fire for something they have allegedly done wrong. The nature of professional liability is discussed in light of the increasing use of automated […]