Property Insurance for Small Business Owners: Deciding if You Need It

do your homework before choosing business property insurance

When you have limited but valuable assets in your company, you have to ensure that they are protected from the potentially negative consequences of unforeseen circumstances. What better way to do so than to have your commercial property insured? In an article for, business journalist Tiare Rath describes how property insurance can be beneficial, […]

Licensed and Insured

You see the signs on the sides of contractor’s trucks “Licensed and Insured.”  This is supposed to give the person or business that hires the contractor a sense of security. Contractors and small business owners are required to obtain insurance by some regulation or contract. For example, state law requires businesses (depending on the industry) […]

Independent Contractor or Employee?

The phrase “1099 employee” is spoken many times during our conversations with Human Resources Managers and owners of information technology companies.  It seems to be difficult for businesses to determine the status of workers for tax purposes.  Knowing the steps to take will make the process easier and will help you avoid any penalties for […]

Transferring Risk from Businesses to Insurance Companies

Commercial General Liability (CGL) is a form of property and casualty insurance that business should have to protect them against liability claims. It mitigates the risks and costs associated with a business being sued.  Instead of liability claims resulting in expensive and timely litigation, the risk is transferred to the insurance carrier that the policy […]